Brief Biography of Billy Corgan

The first born of three sons, William Patrick Corgan Jr, was born to William Corgan senior and Martha Louise Mae Corgan Luts. When Billy was still young, his parents divorced and after a short while his father got married again and brought Billy to live with him.

In school he was keen on sports especially baseball and used to amass baseball cards but because he ended up being an average athlete Billy started gaining an interest in playing the guitar.

The idea came when he saw his friend playing and from that day onwards he was set on being a guitarist. Even though his father was a rock/blues guitarist, he hardly gave him any help with learning how to play therefore he had to teach himself.

While in high school he joined a string of bands while staying with his stepmother and half-brother who he had grown fond of. Billy
did not want to go on with studies after graduating high school even though hewas an honor student with numerous scholarship offers

A move to Florida was in the books after high school to try and kick start his music career, but shortly after moving he had to come back to Chicago because he did not succeed.

While he was working at a record store, he met guitarist James Iha with whom they recorded some demos and got invited to a few shows as a result. In one of these shows, James and Billy met Bassist Darcy Wretzky and later got introduced to drummer Jimmy Chamberlain, and the four of them formed the infamous group The Smashing Pumpkins.

The Smashing Pumpkins released their debut album Gish in 1991 which did well but not as good as their second release the album titled Mellon collie and the infinite sadness that was nominated for seven Grammy awards and had Billy’s biggest song to date on it “1979”.

He got married in 1993 to Chris Fabian and later separated after just two years, this together with the death of his mother in 1996
prompted the release of The Smashing Pumpkins third album called Adore.

After his separation, he started dating a photographer by the name Yelena Yemchuk and later dated Courtney Love who famously included some of his records in her album without his permission.

There were stings where The Smashing Pumpkins broke up and between 2001 and 2005 he launched a somewhat unsuccessful solo career.

More recently Bill Corgan has gotten involved in professional wrestling as he has a true passion for wrestling. He once described himself as a ‘wrestlemaniac’ and once participated in a wrestling event using a guitar as a weapon. This love for wrestling prompted him initially to form an independent wrestling promotion company then later was appointed senior producer for creative and talent developer at Total Nonstop Action (TNA) with the responsibility of developing storylines. At this position, he was quoted as saying it was a dream come true.

Early in 2017, Billy Corgan bought the rights, name, trademark and championship belts of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

He is a fun of rock music and his favorite bands includes Pantera, Siouxsie and the banshees, Breaking Benjamins, Bullet for my valentine among others.



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Still More Bands

In the genre of rock, there have been so many bands who have ruled the music scene during the 90s, and these bands have become some of the many pillars of Rock and Roll music. These top 5 bands are the truly influential bands of the 90s, and their music has become very well-known through out the world. Until today, they are still deeply remembered.

4) Red Hot Chili Peppers

This band has become one of the most widely revered bands of all time. Their wild and crazy antics during the 90s have made them as one of the best and most entertaining bands in the history of music. Their crazy music videos and incredible stage presence have formed them as one of the unique bands ever. Their ability to be flexible with their songs have made them as a very popular band that almost every rock fan can relate to. They can kill with sad songs, and they can shred with fast and fun songs. The 90s have been defined with the help of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

3) Oasis

If there would be a British invasion in the form of music during the 90s, then Oasis would be the cause of it. Oasis made such huge hits as Champagne Supernova, Don’t Look Back in Anger and their most popular song that ruled one year in the 90s, which is Wonderwall. The Gallagher brothers and their great bandmates have created music that many people related to and made them international superstars.

2) Pearl Jam

One of the pioneers of grunge music, Pearl Jam has been one of the most well-renowned bands of all-time. With Eddie Vedder leading with the vocals, Pearl Jam created music that was embraced by so many rock and roll enthusiasts. They are one of the bands who transpired from Seattle and took the seat of rock and roll royalty during the 90s. Their popularity was as huge as it can get with so many significant hits to their name, they also earned many awards from MTV up to the Grammys. Indeed, Pearl Jam has become one of the best that rock and roll have ever produced.

1) Nirvana

Kurt Cobain and the trio of Nirvana have defined the rock music of the 90s. They rose from Seattle as one of the pioneers of grunge music and took their act into the mainstream. With so many big hits as Smells Like Teen Spirit and Lithium. Nirvana put grunge music in the top of the heap. Their awesome left us together with the memories of the late Kurt Cobain. It’s just too bad that Kurt can’t be here and see how much he influenced rock and roll music.



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Other bands

Obviously we LOVE the Smashing Pumpkins but there are lots of other great bands too. There are many bands that I listen to on a daily basis that my friends and peers seem completely oblivious to. Of course, there is a certain charm in having music that you feel is your discovery, it can define your music taste and give you a sense of really owning the songs. While I would never listen to something just because it is unknown, I will listen to anything that I like, whether it is popular or not. In this article, I’d like to introduce three of the bands that I like most yet seem almost entirely unknown.

Oceansize is a band that defies classification. Founded in Manchester in 1999 Oceansize play a unique blend of progressive, indie, heavy and melodic rock. Blending driving guitars, complex rhythms and beautifully melodic passages the band scale heights rarely seen in music since Pink Floyd. They are unafraid to break convention with their songs often reaching past the ten-minute mark in strange time signatures with complex structures. Oceansize is a band that writes the music that they wish to play without ever conforming to what a band typically should be doing, and the music is much stronger because of it.

The band are led by singer-guitarist Mike Vennart and have released three full-length albums to date, 2003’s Effloresce, 2005’s Everyone Into Position and Frames in 2007. Extensively touring the UK, they have also scored numerous support slots with much bigger acts, enabling them to reach new listeners. I discovered them when they supported The Smashing Pumpkins at the O2 arena in London. They have found it hard to break into the USA however, but with a new album coming out soon as well as more big support slots the future can only get brighter for Oceansize. I hope that they gain more fans, but at the same time, I wouldn’t want them to get too big. After all, the best live shows are always at the smaller venues.

From Irvine in California Thrice are a four-piece band that has crossed genres in a way that none of their contemporaries have. The band has kept the same members ever since their formation at school in 1998, singer-guitarist Dustin Kensrue, guitarist Teppei Teranishi and brothers Eddie and Riley Breckenridge on bass and drums.

The band initially started out playing a style leaning towards punk with elements of metal. The early material predominantly features heavy driving riffs with screaming vocals. It didn’t take long for the band to experiment and their second and third releases would see much more experimentation and deviation from their original style. The most recent album, 2007’s Alchemy Index, showed the depth to the band’s writing as they blended styles from metal, electronic ambiance, indie and acoustic folk.

What drew me to the band was their ability to write weighty songs but at the same time keep a melodic edge and break into mellower sections to keep things interesting. So many bands seem to feel that they must play heavy the whole time, but it is by breaking up the songs that the heaviness has an impact. Something that Thrice has down to a fine art. They are also an excellent live act and are a band that you’ll likely see playing at a small venue, giving you a much more intimate show than you’d likely see from a more public act. Almost entirely unknown in the UK Thrice are one of my favorite discoveries of the past couple of years.

When you listen to the music of Chroma Key, it is easy to see why keyboardist Kevin Moore left progressive metal giants Dream Theater. The New York based band’s sound is built on the driving forces of drummer Mike Portnoy and guitarist John Petrucci and features a massively overblown sound with incredibly complex songs that often verge on the self-indulgent. The difference between Moore’s final album with Dream Theater, Awake, and his first as Chroma Key is like night and day. Chroma Key’s music is a lesson in understatement and subtlety, drifting from ambient to electronica and back to indie.

Moore uses his keyboard to weave intricate soundscapes full of masterful touches and effects. Gone is the virtuoso noodling from Dream Theater and in its place are songs that are both relaxing and interesting to listen to. The material at points crosses into the radio-friendly territory, as single Colorblind shows. Moore also shows that he has a great singing voice taking vocal duties on his songs. While not the live powerhouse of the other bands I’ve mentioned Chroma Key remains one of my favorite acts to listen to when I need something a little more chilled out. A great band that pretty much no-one seems to have heard of.

I think the fact that some of my favorite bands are those that I’ve found myself and that few people know of them speaks volumes about the quality of popular music. There is the most amazing music out there to be discovered it’s just that the majority of people are too lazy to discover it and instead just listen to what is given to them by the radio or television. I hope that this article will inspire you to look beyond the MTV playlist and start to build up your music collection. You’ll have a much more fulfilling musical journey because of it.




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What are the Smashing Pumpkins Most Popular Albums

I’m certain that anyone love music has a couple of bands
that they absolutely cherish but while specifying them to others they’re
usually met with a reaction of, who? I’m the same and there are many bands that
I listen to on a daily basis that my companions and associates appear to be
totally careless in regards to. Obviously, there is a certain charm in having
music that you feel is you’re good, it can characterize your music taste and
give you a feeling of really owning the melodies. While I could never listen to
something because it is obscure I will listen to anything that I like,
regardless of whether it is popular or not. In this article, I’d jump at the
chance to present a portion of the Smashing Pumpkins most popular albums

1. Siamese dream

Siamese Dream is their breakthrough album from 1993. Everybody likes Siamese
Dream. It’s an exceptionally expressive and extreme shake album with a homogeny
sound. I’d say it’s mainly about breaking free. The vast majority of the tunes
reach appropriate for the sky but the creation is smooth and delightful.
“Mayonnaise” is their ultimate teenage angst tune, in a truly good
way. With only 13 tracks continuing for not as much as 60 minutes, this almost
feels like a normal album. It’s also their generally accessible. You’ll like it
at first or second listen.

2. Mellon collie and infinite sadness

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is their
most ambitious, some say bombastic, album, released at the top of their
prosperity. It’s an idea album with 28 tracks on two disks, and it’s meant to
be a parable of a day from “dawn to starlight” with the main disk
speaking to day and the other speaking to night. It’s fiercely far-reaching,
taking you through far more different places than common music albums and
spanning nearly every feeling. It has the most boisterous and savage tunes
they’ve made as well as the most peaceful and beautiful. While listening to a music album generally
implies entering a specific form of the psyche and then turning out again, Mellon Collie sounds more like a long trip
that finishes far from where it began.

Mellon Collie is generally exceptionally acclaimed but there are individuals
who dislike it. I personally think it’s their best. It takes a couple of twists
to get into, and each turn takes two hours.

3. Adore

Adore was their commercial self-destruction. They lost 75% of their fans over Adore, and even the ones
who stayed required a whereas to get
accustomed to it. This album tastes not
at all like the others and in no way
like anything else really. All of a sudden the stone drums are gone, the guitar
just plays a minor part and the greater part of the generation is profound and
electronic and the tunes are moderate paced with an air of resignation, as if
composed from the finish of time. It takes quite a while to understand Adore.
For me, it took 25 listens, which is the longest I have ever taken to get into
an album. But Adore has aged amazingly well. It’s profound, it’s hard to find,
and it never appears to quit giving.




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Jimmy Chamberlain

Conceived in Joliet, Illinois on June 10, 1964, Jimmy Chamberlain has turned out to be extraordinary compared to other more current drummers, musicians, and melodic makers in America. Obviously, he is best known similar to the previous drummer for Smashing Pumpkins, the option musical gang.

James Joseph Chamberlin being Jimmy’s original name, he was one of six youngsters in a family that bolstered music. His dad and more established sibling both were dynamic jazz artists and played in groups locally; they played the clarinet and drums separately. Paul, his more seahighsibling, still plays drums today with a nearby cover band.

Chamberlin started his drumming at nine years old. He was told and shown Latin, Brazilian, and huge band systems, however basically centered around jazz styles. Charlie Adams was his mentor who showed him these methods in his initial drumming years. At age 15, Jimmy left his home and joined neighborhood band after nearby band after nearby band et cetera. Its original music vocation proved to be productive, however, his dad, in any case, compelled him into selecting in school, in this way he did and spent about a year at Northern Illinois University.

In 1988, Chamberlin, at last, joined the Smashing Pumpkins. They were searching for a drummer to fill in their void position for a live show at the Metro, a club in Chicago. Billy Corgan met Chamberlin met through a companion, and that is when Jimmy uncovered that he was occupied with filling the spot.

Both Jimmy and Billy were wary about each other at to start with, feeling that it wouldn’t work. In any case, Jimmy adapted the greater part of the tunes with the snappiness and turned out to be a positive expansion to the band for a considerable length of time to come. Despite the fact that Chamberlin was profiting as a craftsman, not long after in the wake of getting together with Billy, he would surrender the employment and move to Chicago and commit the majority of his opportunity to the band. When he joined, the Smashing Pumpkins started sounding more extraordinary than any other time in recent memory. They went ahead to discharge the initial two collections Gish and Siamese Dream. Both of these collections were for the most part centered around Corgan and Chamberlin alone.

Shockingly, Chamberlin created a dependence on heroin amid this era. Amid the recording of Siamese Dream, he would frequently vanish for a considerable length of time at any given moment, obviously satisfying the evident needs of his dependence, however the band would be sitting tight for him and dreading for his life while he was away as they didn’t get notification from him more often than not and he definitely didn’t disclose to them where he was going and what he was doing, in spite of the fact that they did to sure comprehend what he was doing.

He would stay with the band for a little time and afterward be kicked out for his concern. He was later reestablished, yet the band separated soon. Chamberlin kept on playing drums, and even joined the individuals in a transformation of the Smashing Pumpkins in 2005, yet however left the band again in the March of 2009.

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