Still More Bands

In the genre of rock, there have been so many bands who have ruled the music scene during the 90s, and these bands have become some of the many pillars of Rock and Roll music. These top 5 bands are the truly influential bands of the 90s, and their music has become very well-known through out the world. Until today, they are still deeply remembered.

4) Red Hot Chili Peppers

This band has become one of the most widely revered bands of all time. Their wild and crazy antics during the 90s have made them as one of the best and most entertaining bands in the history of music. Their crazy music videos and incredible stage presence have formed them as one of the unique bands ever. Their ability to be flexible with their songs have made them as a very popular band that almost every rock fan can relate to. They can kill with sad songs, and they can shred with fast and fun songs. The 90s have been defined with the help of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

3) Oasis

If there would be a British invasion in the form of music during the 90s, then Oasis would be the cause of it. Oasis made such huge hits as Champagne Supernova, Don’t Look Back in Anger and their most popular song that ruled one year in the 90s, which is Wonderwall. The Gallagher brothers and their great bandmates have created music that many people related to and made them international superstars.

2) Pearl Jam

One of the pioneers of grunge music, Pearl Jam has been one of the most well-renowned bands of all-time. With Eddie Vedder leading with the vocals, Pearl Jam created music that was embraced by so many rock and roll enthusiasts. They are one of the bands who transpired from Seattle and took the seat of rock and roll royalty during the 90s. Their popularity was as huge as it can get with so many significant hits to their name, they also earned many awards from MTV up to the Grammys. Indeed, Pearl Jam has become one of the best that rock and roll have ever produced.

1) Nirvana

Kurt Cobain and the trio of Nirvana have defined the rock music of the 90s. They rose from Seattle as one of the pioneers of grunge music and took their act into the mainstream. With so many big hits as Smells Like Teen Spirit and Lithium. Nirvana put grunge music in the top of the heap. Their awesome left us together with the memories of the late Kurt Cobain. It’s just too bad that Kurt can’t be here and see how much he influenced rock and roll music.



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